When to Slow Play

Many experienced poker players will advise you to play fast to make the most money, win and have fun at pokerbonuscash.com site. However, there are times when it could be advantageous to slow play instead.

What is Your Style?

If you have a reputation for being a slow player, then continuing to play slowly will fit right in with your table image. However, if you have a history of being fast and aggressive, then opponents will know instantly that something is awry when you suddenly creep to a snail's pace with Poker game.

How Many Players Are In a Pot?

Take a look around at the action around you before deciding to check for Continuation Betting. If there are multiple players and you are the first one to check, then the others will undoubtedly follow suit and will increase their odds of a straight or a flush. Similarly, a tight player will not likely make a bet when you limp in preflop.

What is Your Hand?

There are times when slow play has the potential to kick your game into high gear. This can occur when your opponent is an aggressive player and you check into him. He will undoubtedly place a bet. Another good time to slow play is when you land a great hand when in a rough spot. You will then want to check, raise, and shove.

Knowing how and when to slow play is an integral part of playing poker successfully and gamble at Grand Parker. Take note of the opponents around you, recognize how others perceive you, and understand the cards in your hand before you decide to take it slow.