Continuation Betting

As is the case with nearly every move in poker, there is a right and wrong time to use continuation betting, place your bets at sites by The most important things to take into consideration are your table image, the size of your chip stack, and the frequency of your moves.

What is Continuation Betting?

Continuation betting, or c-betting, is made by a pre-flop aggressor when there were no previous bets made. This typically occurs on the flop and consists of a substantial bet, usually equal to half of the pot. The move is viewed as aggressive due to its timing and size or gamble at Grand Parker.

Consider Chip Stack

The most obvious factor that will help you decide whether to c-bet or not is the size of your chip stack. C-betting typically requires a large bet equal to half the pot, and if your chip stack is not large enough to handle this requirement, then you are better off sidestepping the c-bet. Further, dedicating too many chips to the pot can force you to either fold or make an all-in decision with Poker games.

What is Your Style?

If others recognize you as a loose and aggressive player, then a c-bet will not hold as much credence as it would coming from a tighter and more conservative player. Stay away from the c-bet as your go-to move or others will see it as a bluff rather than an aggressive move or slow play.

C-betting can be an impressive move to keep in your poker repertoire. Remember to use it sparingly and only when you have enough chips to substantiate the large bet.